Russian Bride

Author : Elena Romanova

Russian Bride Cover 12-29- mini thumb

Russian Bride divulges secrets of the online, paid-dating “Russian bride” business from the perspective of a “real fiancé” who worked in the industry. The main clients are almost always American men. Each year, Americans spend millions of dollars on marriage sites trying to find a Russian wife.

Russian Bride exposes all, starting with an examination of the criminal system of these marriage sites, a description of the employer dynamic of these agencies, and finishing with a narrative of common lies and tricks of many “fiancés.”

Any American man who is or has been registered on a marriage site will be interested to see “the show from behind the scenes”, as revealed in Russian Bride.

Read about this industry from the perspective of a woman whose job it was to pose as a “fiancé” on some of the biggest websites in the business. These marriage sites are often not what they seem to be.