Appetite For Excess

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Todd survived. In the face of a gut-wrenching childhood, the topsy-turvy world of the kitchen, and his own continuous cycle of self-destruction, the "bad boy of good food" lives to tell his tales. His life stories will make you laugh, cry, and may even inspire contempt. Hate him or love him, there is no denying his fiery disposition nor his love for the art of

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Meditation for Moms and Dads

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Meditation has long been the domain of the child-free seeker.  The perception of the lone monk on the mountaintop, or magazine ads depicting the very young or very old childless yogi languishing in long retreats by the ocean, are almost cliché.  Time and again, fellow parents lament about their lack of time to do even basic self-care, never mind meditation. This sense of lack feeds into the concept that a sincere, regular meditation practice and parenthood cannot co-exist.   Meditation

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Russian Bride

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Russian Bride divulges secrets of the online, paid-dating “Russian bride” business from the perspective of a “real fiancé” who worked in the industry. The main clients are almost always American men. Each year, Americans spend millions of dollars on marriage sites trying to find a Russian wife. Russian Bride exposes all, starting with an examination of the criminal system of these marriage sites, a description of the employer dynamic of these agencies, and finishing with a narrative

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