About: Elena Romanova


Elena Romanova was born in a small town in the south of Ukraine. At 18 years old she began her work as a “bride” in the dating agency, among many other Russian and Ukrainian women described in her book. Russian Bride is inspired by real events that actually occurred in Elena’s life. As stated by Elena, the purpose of Russian Bride is to “open the eyes of men who, blinded by hope, do not understand- or simply do not want to understand- the true mechanism of the functioning of all (without exception) paid dating sites.” That is, as a money making industry, regardless of the personal interest of many of its patrons who may truly be seeking love. Russian Bride offers Elena’s own unique perspective as one of the most popular women featured as a “bride-to-be” on many of the biggest online, paid dating sites. Find Elena on Facebook here to learn more!  

Books by Elena Romanova: