About Us

ClearSky Publishing is an independent press dedicated to publishing works of literary excellence. ClearSky Publishing seeks to promote themes of diversity, and empower the narratives and ideas of experienced and first time authors alike.

ClearSky Publishing has a business model that is very author friendly.  We provide the full services of a traditional publishing company including editing, internal formatting and lay-out design, cover design, printing, distribution, and various marketing programs.  Yet unlike self publishing houses, we have a vested interest in the success of your book.  We charge nothing up front.  We only make money when your book sells, and we care about the quality and success of your book.

Some of the things we do:

  • Create a beautiful custom cover design specifically for your book
  • Professional editing and text layout, registered ISBN, author copyright also provided
  • Your book is set up for national and international distribution with the largest distributor in the world (Ingram)
  • Your book can be produced in paper format, audio and eBook formats
  • The highest royalties,  Authors receive up to 50% royalty from direct sales.  The highest in the industry.  Unlike traditional publishers (8%-12%), we provide a very generous share for distribution sales, 15%-22%
  • Author retains all rights to their book
  • Custom marketing plan developed for your book.  We will:
    • Create:
      • Press Release
      • Sales Data Sheet
      • Marketing Slick
      • Author/book profiles on publisher webpage
      • Merchandise items (such as bookmarks/postcards, etc.)
    • Request reviews from sources including blogs, magazines or newspapers
    • Work with author to arrange initial author event (book signing/reading, launch party, etc.)
    • Promote book to bookstores/clients that we have pre-existing relationships with
    • Create at least ads on Facebook for book
    • Enroll book in at least ONE giveaway promotion
    • Promote author/book on publisher social media outlets and company website
    • Continually seek author/book promotional opportunities (book festivals, interviews, guest blogs, etc.)
    • Offer website assistance, SEO assistance, subsidiary rights help, assistance with the creation of author profiles at Amazon and other online communities, etc.
    • This list is not complete.  We will be pursuing other marketing opportunities and recommendations depending on the genre and content of your book


Drop us an email if you have questions or something you’d like to submit.